Maternity Leave – The Rights of Your Employees [South Africa]

Author: Monique Verduyn, Entrepreneur [South Africa], Published on: 25 October 2009

[T]he law protects women against unfair discrimination arising from any form of prejudice...[and] entitle[s] [employees] to four months unpaid maternity leave...[but] [c]ompanies in South Africa are not obliged by law to provide paid maternity leave...[There are] no paternity leave provisions in place, but workers who have been employed at a company for longer than four months may take three days’ paid family responsibility leave during each year of employment...[Steps to] [c]reating a maternity leave policy: [1] Draft the policy containing the terms of maternity leave...[2] Circulate it among employees...[3] Invite comment and submissions...[4] Consider the submissions received...[5] Implement the policy.

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