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9 October 2019
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Author: Jim Reed e Joseph Lee, BBC News (Brazil)

“Campanha britânica pede a redes de fast-food boicote contra soja brasileira de área desmatada”, 09 de outubro de 2019...

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2 October 2019

USA: Government officials pressure McDonalds to address sexual harassment, following employee-led walkouts

Author: Hilary Russ, Thomson Reuters Foundation

"Local officials in 31 U.S. states write to McDonald's on sexual harassment", 26 September 2019...

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17 September 2019

Brazil: Investigations reveal that McDonald's, Burger King and many companies in the UK are supplied with meet from illegal deforestation areas in the Amazon Forest , includes companies’ comments

Author: Andrew Wasley , Alexandra Heal and André Campos , The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (UK)

“UK purchased £1bn of beef from firms tied to Amazon deforestation”, September 17 2019...

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30 August 2019

USA: McDonald's launches training program to prevent harassment and discrimination

Author: Claire Duffy, CNN Business

"McDonald's to start new worker training program following criticism over workplace safety issues", 28 August 2019...

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2 August 2019

Australia: McDonalds and Woolworths accused of failing to protect workers against customer abuse

Author: Isabelle Lane, The New Daily

"Australia’s retail and fast food workers face ‘epidemic’ levels of abuse and harassment", 31 July 2019...

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24 July 2019

Commentary: Brands are abandoning Fair Trade in favour of in-house certification schemes

Author: Samanth Subramanian, The Guardian

"Is fair trade finished?", 23 July 2019 ...

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23 July 2019

UK: At least 1000 cases of sexual harassment reported by female McDonald's workers

Author: Maya Oppenheim, The Independent

"More than 1,000 reports of sexual abuse and harassment at UK McDonald’s, campaigners say", 21 July 2019...

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22 May 2019

USA: McDonald's employees file complaint alleging recurrent workplace sexual harassment

Author: Melena Ryzik, New York Times (USA)

"In a Test of Their Power, #MeToo’s Legal Forces Take On McDonald’s", 21 May 2019...

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NGO rejoinder
18 January 2019
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Author: Giulietta Gamberini, La Tribune (France)

« Déchets en plastiques : une nouvelle vague de multinationales se mobilise », 16 janvier 2019...

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13 January 2019

USA: 2018 report on state of human rights details violations of labour rights, access to water & free, prior & informed consent

Author: US Human Rights Network

In the United States this year...we have seen undeniable, egregious, and unapologetic violations of human rights... Illegal and immoral attempts to encroach on American Indian lands, territories, and the resources of Indigenous Peoples have always been...

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