McDonald's refuses to operate in Jewish settlement [Israel & Occupied Palestinian Territories]

Author: AP, Published on: 8 July 2013

McDonald's...refused to open a branch in a West Bank Jewish settlement, the company said Thursday, adding a prominent name to an international movement to boycott Israel's settlements...[A s]pokeswoman for McDonald's Israel, said...the chain refused because the owner of McDonald's Israel has a policy of staying out of the occupied territories...The decision by such a well-known multinational company to boycott the West Bank deals settlers an unwelcome blow...Nehimias [co-owner of the Ariel mall] said other international companies who were asked to open a branch at the mall also declined, but none cited the mall's location in a settlement as a reason...Rafeef Ziadah of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement said McDonald's move "will encourage other corporations to end their complicity in Israel's occupation." [Refers to Burger King, Burger Ranch, Caterpillar, Veolia]

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