Measuring the Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights [UK]

Author: Cumberland Lodge, Published on: 7 October 2013

Objective and comparable indicators of corporate respect for human rights are fundamental to advance the business and human rights agenda...Notwithstanding general agreement on the importance of the topic, measuring respect for human rights is not an easy task, and results are still meagre...The Colloquium aims to address: (i) fundamental normative questions (such as, what are the risks of quantifying human rights? Would quantification entail losing human rights' emancipatory potential?) as well as (ii) more practical challenges (such as, which indicators can best measure a specific human rights norm? Should indicators concentrate on policy, procedure and/or performance? What is desirable and what is achievable at present?)...The Collloquium is structured as an expert meeting. The Organising Committee will lead a research team in charge of drafting a report on business and human indicators.

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