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Mexican Superior Court Orders Immediate Halt of New Gold’s project at Cerro de San Pedro

Author: Frente Amplio Opositor-Montreal, Published on: 30 October 2009

Mexican Superior Court orders the immediate end of New Gold Minera San Xaviers [part of Metallica Resources] mining project at Cerro de San Pedro, San Luis Potosi...[T]he ninth Tribunal of the first circuit courts...sentence on the suit presented by Pro San Luis Ecologico...reads “…[O]n basis...of the Federal Fiscal Code...the authorization accorded to Minera San the...Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) is null and void..."..Conclusions...This violation of the law involved a diverse set of people, principally the managers of the company, authorities of the previous state, federal and municipal levels...The illegal work of New Gold – Minera San Xavier has created severe and irremediable consequences for the natural environment of the Valley of San Luis...

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