Mexico & Central America: Mining and fracking linked to gang violence and forced migration, according to academic

Author: Ariadna Estévez, The Conversation, Published on: 13 December 2016

“Fracking, mining, murder: the killer agenda driving migration in Mexico and Central America”, 23 Nov 2016

…That’s the standard narrative: organised crime and drug trafficking have given Central America’s “Northern Triangle” (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) the highest homicide rates on earth, sending scared citizens packing…But this common received wisdom about violence in Central America and Mexico overlooks two facts. Both areas are rich in natural resources, including fine woods (such as mahogany) and metals (such as iron, lead, gold, nickel, zinc and silver). And not all the violence plaguing the region is gang-related; it also encompassses feminicide, the killing of environmental activists and political murders and forced disappearances. My argument is that criminal violence, while potent, is just part of a dangerous cocktail that serves to “cleanse” places where local communities are defending their home territory…Data indicates that in resource-rich countries, the concurrence of forced displacement with criminal, misogynistic and political violence cannot be a coincidence…This “necropolitics” - the politics of death – is the violent core of what scholar Bobby Banerjee defines as necrocapitalism, that is, profit-driven deaths…

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