Mexico: Community protests "defeat" US-backed dam project over access to water concerns

Author: The Associated Press, The New York Times, Published on: 3 February 2015


"US-Backed Mexico Dam Project Triggered Protest, Rare Defeat”, 30 January 2015

When the U.S. government backed construction of a new hydroelectric plant in southwestern Mexico, residents rose up and defeated a three-year, $30 million project…It marked a rare instance of a community fighting off development in a country where projects are often pushed through over local objections…OPIC [a U.S. government agency] and the project developer, New York's Conduit Capital Partners LLC, defend[ed] the undertaking's ambitions…[L]ate in 2010…locals…fear[ed]…contamination in the …springs that provides drinking water for nearly 2,000 people…In November 2010, advocates filed a…complaint to OPIC…

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