Mexico: Dozens dead & injured in explosion at Pemex petrochemical plant in Veracruz


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25 April 2016

Death toll rises in Mexico petrochemical plant blast

Author: Associated Press, CBSNews

…Mexico's state oil company says that searchers have recovered four more bodies from a petrochemical plant wrecked by a huge explosion on the country's Gulf coast, raising the death toll to 32…The company said more than 130 people in all suffered injuries when the explosion rocked the plant in Coatzacoalcos, 370 miles southeast of Mexico City…Pemex has said the explosion happened after a leak but has not determined the source…About 30 families massed at a plant entrance road, where a sharp chemical smell still hung in the air about a mile from where the blast occurred Wednesday afternoon..."What I want is for justice to be done in my son's case, for there to be no impunity," Villalobos said. "I'm going to stay here. Even though I have no money, even though I have nothing to eat, I'm staying put."

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21 April 2016

Mexico: 3 dead & dozens injured in explosion at Pemex petrochemical plant in Veracruz

Author: Reuters in Mexico City, The Guardian

 “Deadly explosion at Mexican state-run petrochemical plant”

A large explosion has rocked a major petrochemical facility of Mexican national oil company Pemex in the Gulf state of Veracruz, killing at least three people, injuring dozens more and pumping a black cloud into the sky…Pemex said the explosion, which sent a huge, dark plume of smoke billowing upwards, occurred…on Wednesday at the facility’s Chlorinate-3 plant near the port of Coatzacoalcos, one of the company’s top oil export hubs…Local emergency officials said hundreds of people had been evacuated from the site…Pemex warned local residents to keep their distance from the site due to what it described as a dissipating cloud of toxic fumes…Petroquimica Mexicana de Vinilo, or PMV, a vinyl petrochemical plant that is a joint venture between Pemex’s petrochemical unit and Mexican plastic pipe maker Mexichem, was the facility hit by the blast...



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