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Mexico Drug Violence: 'Business is Business'

Author: Luis Javier Garrido, La Jornada [Mexico] translated by Halszka Czarnocka, Published on: 27 January 2012

The so called "war on drugs" is, in addition to whatever else it is, a terrific business for a number of huge corporations near and dear to American Democrats, as well as for many businessmen linked to the Felipe Calderón Government. From their point of view, extreme violence is good for business...In a recent interview, author Jorge Carrasco Araizaga tells of how private corporations long associated with the U.S. military industry, in addition to some newer ones, have obtained lucrative contracts from Washington to provide military equipment and materiel as well as other products to both Mexico and the United States. [refers to Aero Company, JDS Uniphase, Lockheed Martin]

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