Mexico: Leader of Veracruz fishermen opposing Tuxpan-Texas gas pipeline kidnapped

The fishermen of Veracruz have been opposing the Tuxpan-Texas pipeline being constructed by IEnova and TransCanada. Their leader Henry Márquez Escudero was kidnapped and released after 36 hours. The fishermen have been protesting against the pipeline since the beginning of the project, as they allege that their fishery production has decreased by 40%. The complete allegations are only available in Spanish here

Business and Human Rights Resource Center invited IEnova and TransCanada to respond.


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Company non-response
22 January 2018

Transcanada did not respond

Company response
11 January 2018

Response by IEnova

This project is a 60-40% JV with TransCanada Corporation. TransCanada is the entity in charge of project development and in charge of providing communications to third parties such as Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.