Mexico: Maquila companies accused of a range of labour and health rights violations throughout the pandemic; incl. 2 company responses

The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre invited 15 companies from the manufacturing industry with opperations in Mexico to respond to the wide range of labour and health rights violations against workers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The allegations that we documented include unfair dismissals, forced holidays, reduction in salaries, lack of protection equipment for essential workers, increase in working hours, lack of good-faith negotiations with trade unions and workers and factories refusing to shut their establishments when they were not recognised as essential sectors amongst other labour practices against the human rights of workers in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Of the 10 companies that we contacted, only two maquila companies responded; LG Electronics and Lear Corporation.  Their responses can be found below.  The other companies that we contacted did not respond; FrontRunner Technologies, Honeywell, Industria Maquiladora y Manufacturera de Exporación (Index), Joerns Healthcare, Plantronics, Zahori, Skyworks, Valeo, Komatsu Maquinarias de México, Tridonex, Flex, Modine and Benotto.

For more information about the allegations in Spanish, please see our website.


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29 May 2020

Honeywell did not respond

Author: Honeywell

29 May 2020

Skyworks did not respond

Author: Skyworks

19 May 2020

Lear Corporation response

Author: Lear Corporation

...First, we would like to clarify that Lear operations in Ciudad Juarez did close in accordance with government orders. 

Prior to the facilities’ closure, Lear followed all known best practices at that time to protect our employees and local communities including:

  • More frequently cleaning often-touched surfaces
  • Providing employees with self-health training and education following guidelines set by the World Health Organization
  • All employees experiencing symptoms of any kind were encouraged to stay home
  • We sent employees with underlying health conditions home with full pay

Employees who were sent home upon closure are being paid in accordance with agreements with local labor unions and continue receiving full benefits. It is worth noting that we have been working closely will all local unions and continue to work with them as we prepare safety measures for re-opening. 

At Lear, our first priority is the health and safety of our employees around the world, including our 56,000 manufacturing employees throughout Mexico and their families during this global health crisis...

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