Mexico: NGO says supermarket Chedraui sells expired products that put consumers’ health at risk – Company says it has “high quality standards”

A study reveals that in some of the supermarkets of Chedraui, in Mexico City, the company label practices are not adequate. This situation, according to the study, could have negative consequences on the health of the consumers. Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Chedraui to respond; the response of Chedraui is available.

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31 August 2015

Chedraui reponse

Author: Chedraui

…All Chedraui stores offer their clients a national product distributed four time each week to each of the points. These products are processed and elaborated daily in order to assure quality and freshness. We have the support of local and national suppliers certified under the official Mexican norms with certifications, such as TIF (Type of Federal Accreditation). This assures the industrialization of products and byproducts of meat are innocuous. Additionally, we have the internal program “SALYS” (Advanced System of Cleanliness and Sanitation) based on national and international norms and supported by Sealed Air división Diversey Care…

This is an unofficial translation by the Business & Human Resource Centre. Please see the original response in Spanish here

15 August 2015

Public Health Risks at Chedraui: A Study of Food Product Dating in the Federal District

Author: PODER

…In the case of Grupo Chedraui's supermarkets  and  hypermarkets  in  Mexico’s  Federal  District …the  company’s  labeling  practices  may  put consumers at risk for food poisoning and other food-borne illnesses…[I]n both its Mexico and U.S. markets, the company has repeatedly faced regulatory scrutiny for its violations of the health code…[T]he study documents infractions by Chedraui of the labeling guidelines of Mexico’s Consumer Protection Agency…Chedraui  is  one  of  the  nation’s  largest  retailers. Given  the  consistency  of  problems  and  the  large  numbers of consumers at risk, we are requesting immediate action… 


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