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Mexico: US security contractor Risks Incorporated in torture training sessions with Mexican police

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Company non-response
30 July 2008

Risks Incorporated did not respond to: US security firm Risks Incorporated in torture training sessions with police - includes videos of the sessions.

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Author: Kevin Martinez y Rafael Azul, World Socialist Web Site

A principios de julio aparecieron…videocintas en las que agentes de la policía de León, Guanajuato, practicaban métodos de tortura…Aparece en las videocintas un contratista hablando en inglés y entrenando a los agentes…Carlos Tornero, jefe de la policía de León…dijo que el entrenador de habla inglesa era de una agencia de seguridad estadounidense. Se negó a identificar a la compañía o al sujeto. La prensa mexicana ha identificado a dos entrenadores en las videocintas: Jerry Wilson, de nacionalidad inglesa, y Gerardo Arrechea, un mexicano-cubano. Los dos trabajan para la compañía Risk Incorporated, contratista militar de Miami, Florida.

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9 July 2008

Mexican Torture Training Raises Questions About U.S. Military/Police Aid

Author: Laura Carlsen, Huffington Post [USA]

Two videos of a torture-training session with the police force of León, Guanajuato shocked the Mexican public last week and raised serious questions about human rights…[T]he video clips show foreign private security companies teaching torture interrogation techniques to Mexican security forces…[A]n investigative report from the online newspaper NarcoNews, uncovered evidence that indicates the trainers are from a Miami-based private security company called "Risks, Incorporated."...The images raise serious questions about the direction of U.S. aid under Plan Mexico (Merida Initiative). The Plan includes an unspecified amount for contracts to U.S. private security companies. [The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Risks Incorporated to respond. We did not receive a response.]

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2 July 2008

US Private Contractor Leads Torture Training in Mexico

Author: Kristin Bricker, Narcosphere

[includes videos of the torture training] Exactly one day after George Bush signed the first year of the $1.6 billion Plan Mexico into law--giving Mexican military and police US training, armament, and resources--videos surfaced showing Mexican police undergoing torture training in León, Guanajuato. The torture training is directed by a British man from...US private security company [Risks Incorporated]. The videos show the English-speaking contractor directing and participating in the torture of members of the Special Tactical Group...of the León municipal police force...in April 2006.

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