Mexico & USA: Farmworkers demand better working conditions from Driscoll's, world's largest berry distributor

Author: Esther Yu-His Lee, ThinkProgress, Published on: 4 April 2016

“Berry farmworkers toil 12 hours a day for $6 now they’re demanding a raise”, 1 Apr 2016

Some of the farmworkers who make it possible for U.S. consumers to have berries for breakfast are paid about $6 a day. Those farmworkers include children toiling for 12 hours a day at 85 percent the amount of money that adults get paid. Many farmworkers do not get lunch and rest breaks and are subjected to terrible housing conditions. Hoping to rectify these issues, farmworkers in the United States and in Mexico have been on a three-year-long fight to get Driscolls — the world’s largest berry distributor — to recognize their unions so that they could have better working and living conditions…“My back aches as if I was very old…When there’s lots of fruit in the fields, they turn on the lights of all the buses when there’s no more sunlight so people can keep working.” [says farmworker]


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