Mexico: Woman escapes two years of forced labour at dry cleaners; the country has 265,000 people in modern slavery

Author: Adam Justice, International Business Times, Published on: 8 May 2015


“Mexico: Beaten and chained woman Zunduri recounts slave horror at dry cleaners”, 5 May 2015

A young woman in Mexico City has escaped alleged slave-like conditions at a dry cleaners where she was chained, beaten and forced to work for two years, authorities have reported…Five people have been arrested and are facing trafficking charges…Campai[ner] against human trafficking in Mexico City…warned that many young women who leave home are often at the mercy of human traffickers…According to the Global Slavery Index in 2014 by the Walk Free Foundation, Mexico has the highest number of people living in slave-like conditions in the Americas with more than 265,000 subjected to some form of modern slavery…

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