Business & Human Rights Resource Centre reached out to 100 companies involved in construction projects in Qatar and the UAE to respond to a set of questions on their approach to migrant rights. We received responses from 22 firms. Please find the company responses and results of the outreach below. 

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The size of the circle indicates the number of companies approached & the colour indicates the response rate (green=response; red=non-response).

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See our new report: “A Wall of Silence” Construction industry failing to tackle abuse of migrant workers in the Gulf

Analysis of company action and reporting on their efforts to address exploitation and abuse

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The construction industry must step up on human rights: "...not undertaking basic due diligence to protect migrant workers in business relationships is unacceptable." Read more about our outreach to firms in the Guardian.



Human Rights Watch: Guidelines for a better construction industry in the GCC. "Companies should publicly commit to upholding workers' rights."