Migrant workers to the Gulf laid off, stranded on unpaid leave & facing wage delays

Author: Sameer Hashmi, BBC Gulf, Published on: 18 May 2020

"Coronavirus leaves Gulf migrant workers stranded," 16 May 2020

[One migrant worker was] laid off by the [Dubai] hotel where he worked.

[which] cut down its operation after the coronavirus pandemic... It did not even pay Mr Kumar for the last month that he worked...

[Another worker] shares a room with nine other Indian workers. All of them used to work for a travel firm [in the UAE], but they were laid off in February... [he] is owed two months' salary.

"I was hoping get a booking on one of the flights that flew to India last week, but I didn't get a call back from the Indian consulate. I wrote to them that I have no job and no money," he said.

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