Milk activist is taken away after protest at office [China]

Author: Ng Tze-wei, South China Morning Post [Hong Kong], Published on: 27 May 2011

Milk activist Zhao Lianhai was taken away by mainland authorities yesterday after trying to enter the headquarters of a dairy industry association in Beijing to ask about a compensation fund set up for the 300,000 victims of melamine-tainted milk powder in 2008…Xiang Qingyu, a father from Jiangsu province who went with Zhao to the headquarters of the China Dairy Industry Association, said: "We just want to find out where the money is, and use the money to cure our children."...Xiang said..."They said they wanted to ask Zhao some questions, but did not show their IDs, or say where they were going to take him," he said…An association staff member said she knew nothing about Zhao and could not disclose contact details for the association's spokesman...the protest was spurred by an article in the Xinhua-affiliated magazine Oriental Outlook that said that three years after the melamine scandal, little was known about the 1.1 billion yuan (HK$1.32 billion) compensation fund established by the 22 implicated milk companies…

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