Mining, corporate social responsibility and conflict: Oceana Gold and the El Dorado Foundation in El Salvador

Author: Stuart Kirsch, Michigan University & Jennifer Moore, Miningwatch Canada & the Institute for Policy Studies, Published on: 28 March 2016

…The evidence gathered strongly suggests that the Foundation’s work is intended to enhance the company’s public reputation and cultivate support for the proposed El Dorado mine project. The Foundation has also generated unrealistic expectations for future employment opportunities. These activities seek to reduce opposition to mining in Cabañas, which is based on concerns about its negative impacts on the environment and human health. The Foundation may also endanger local actors who are opposed to the mining project. The operation of the El Dorado Foundation has the potential to exacerbate recent conflict over mining in Cabañas…Consequently, it is the conclusion of this report that these activities should cease and the Foundation should be closed…

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