Mo Ibrahim & Unilever CEO Paul Polman call for joint efforts by govts. & businesses to fight climate change & poverty

Author: Mo Ibrahim and Paul Polman, on CNN, Published on: 15 July 2015

"There is a way to end poverty - bring governments and businesses together",

We firmly believe that it is entirely possible to unlock resources by galvanizing new models of funding and collaboration by bringing government and the private sector together...this is about much more than development assistance. It's also about maximizing countries' domestic resources, stopping illicit financial flows, and harnessing the positive contributions of the private sector...Tax evasion, money laundering, bribery and misuse of the transfer pricing rules also lead to huge outflows of money from poor countries -- $947 billion in 2011 alone. That's enough to realize the goal of ending all preventable child deaths many times over...

We also think it's right to provide financial and environmental information to public authorities, country-by-country, profits made, taxes paid, subsidies received, carbon emissions and environmental impact and revenue...As business leaders, we also understand that ambitious commitments at government and company level need to be made in order for us to solve climate change and poverty together; ensuring that the clearly-stated drive and the right mechanisms are in place to finance the transition to a net-zero economy in a way that reduces inequality and lifts millions out of poverty...

Progressive businesses support bold government ambition...They know that by tackling the related issues of climate and poverty together -- and by building in accountability to policy-making -- we can create a more sustainable and profitable world for all.It will be a world in which everyone's fundamental rights are met, where growth takes place within planetary boundaries, and benefits are delivered to all.

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