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1 February 2015

Nigeria: Auditor-General releases PWC forensic audit report on allegations of unremitted revenue by NNPC

Author: Pricewaterhousecoopers

'Auditor General for the Federation Report on the investigative forensic audit into the allegations of unremitted funds into the federation accounts by the NNPC', 1 Feb 2015:…The Office of the Auditor-General for the Federation (AuGF) engaged...

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9 January 2015
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Author: Joël Té-Léssia, Jeune Afrique

"Pétrole : trente ans d'incidents environnementaux en Afrique", 9 janvier 2015  ...

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26 May 2013

Niger-Delta after Oil: How to avert the Oloibiri metaphor [Nigeria]

Author: Ziakede Aginighan, in Vanguard (Nigeria)

...Paradoxically, the [Niger-Delta] territory that was identified as difficult to develop has borne the burden of Nigeria’s oil and gas production for the past 5 decades. With an oil sector that provides over 80% of Nigeria’s Government revenue and 95%...

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1 February 2012

Who are the Mashco-Piro tribe and can they still hope to stay 'uncontacted'? [Peru]

Author: David Hill, The Ecologist

The 'Mashco-Piro' are one of an estimated fifteen indigenous groups in Peru living without any regular contact with outsiders…During the 'Rubber Boom' in the late 19th and early 20th centuries scores of people poured into the Amazon to source rubber.....

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6 July 2010

[PDF] Revenue transparency to mitigate the resource curse in the Niger Delta? - Potential and Reality of NEITI

Author: Marie Müller, Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC)

…Nigeria can serve as an interesting test case for inquiring to what extent revenue transparency can actually contribute to greater accountability…The paper is therefore guided by the question: To what extent can the Nigeria Extractive Industries...

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5 July 2010

Bonn Intl. Center for Conversion report says revenue transparency alone will not improve govt. & oil company accountability in Nigeria

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31 May 2010

[PDF] Think globally, sue locally: Out-of-court tactics employed by plaintiffs, their lawyers, and their advocates in transnational tort cases

Author: Jonathan Drimmer, Steptoe & Johnson, released by U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform

Over the past 15 years, there has been a sharp rise in lawsuits brought against United States companies, as well as foreign companies with a substantial U.S. presence, that are premised on alleged personal or environmental injuries that occur overseas....

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4 March 2010

Fishermen Fault Effect of Oil Spill on Catch [Nigeria]

Author: Vanguard [Nigeria]

Fishermen operating in Akwa Ibom say they need divine intervention to end the dwindling fish catch occasioned by [an] oil spill from the Qua Iboe oil fields. Mobil Producing Nigeria...operators of the Qua Iboe oil export terminal in Ibeno, Akwa Ibom,...

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18 June 2007

Alberta worker wins compensation struggle [Canada]

Author: Canadian Occupational Health & Safety News

An Alberta judge has ruled that the actions of Mobil Oil Canada [part of ExxonMobil] supervisors more than 15 years ago amounted to discrimination and retaliation against a female worker...[and that she is] entitled to compensation…Walsh submitted a...

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1 December 2006

Niger Delta: What Nigeria must do now

Author: Commission of Nobel Laureates on Peace, Equity & Development in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria - signed by Elie Wiesel, J.M. Coetzee, José Ramos-Horta, Harold Pinter & 61 other Nobel Laureates

The Commission of Nobel Laureates on Peace, Equity and Development in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria is an endeavour of the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity (EWF)... The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that over 4,000 oil spills discharging...

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