Most Companies Falling Behind in Conflict Minerals Due Diligence

Author: Aravo Solutions, Published on: 29 May 2013

Aravo Solutions...recently conducted a survey to evaluate the challenges and readiness of companies to meet Dodd-Frank conflict minerals due diligence and reporting requirements...The results of the survey show that while reporting rules have been published by the SEC, most companies have yet to begin the required reasonable country of origin inquiry (RCOI) process, putting them at risk of failing to meet the necessary reporting deadlines...Conflict Minerals due diligence and reporting requirements continue to be an area of confusion as businesses try to assess their exposure to the regulatory rules contained in the Dodd-Frank legislation..."As we work with companies preparing for conflict minerals identification and reporting, we clearly see the need for a common approach to RCOI that effectively implements the OECD framework a well as the EICC due diligence template," says Robert Shecterle, VP-Marketing, Aravo.

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