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15 August 2007

As other firms exit, phone companies enter Sudan

Author: Andrew Heavens, Reuters

...[The] booming telecoms market...has proved too tempting for mobile phone companies to resist. For them,...Sudan's western Darfur region [is] not so much a disaster zone as one more unexploited mobile phone market... Sudan's biggest mobile name is...

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5 March 2007

Wireless Technology Speeds Health Services in Rwanda

Author: Thomas Crampton, New York Times

[In Rwanda] communication within the national health care system can be slow enough to present a threat to health.…Dr. Innocent Nyaruhirira…minister for H.I.V./AIDS. [said] “…it often takes one month to receive a message from the field about a disease...

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14 February 2007

HIV/AIDS: African GSM Groups, US in $10m Deal

Author: Efem Nkanga, This Day [Nigeria]

Ten African countries…are to benefit from a partnership deal worth $10 million between the GSM Association, leading players in the mobile telecommunications sector and the [USA govt.]…to use the mobile phone to combat the HIV/AIDS…[This is a] public...

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1 October 2005
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Author: Utopies, SustainAbility, Programme des Nations Unies pour l'Environnement (PNUE)

Alors que la loi sur les nouvelles régulations économiques prend de l'importance, le reporting de développement durable des entreprises françaises a gagné en maturité...Concernant les principales avancées, on peut noter d'une part les progrès des...

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17 April 2005

The drought-busting magic roundabout [South Africa]

Author: Christina Harris, Sunday Times [UK]

The Roundabout Company has formed a public-private partnership with South Africa’s Ministry of Water Affairs...About 650 pumps have been installed in South Africa giving more than 1m people access to clean water...After that will come Mozambique,...

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1 February 2005

[PDF] International Companies and Post-Conflict Reconstruction - Cross-Sectoral Comparisons

Author: John Bray, political risk specialist, Control Risks Group

In the worst cases, companies can inadvertently fuel the structural causes of the conflict, undermining prospects for recovery. However, by presenting a vision of a different kind of future, where personal success comes from entrepreneurial initiative...

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1 November 2004

2004 survey of corporate non-financial reporting, by SustainAbility, UNEP, Standard & Poor's (highest scoring companies: Co-operative Financial Services, Novo Nordisk, BP)

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1 November 2004

[PDF] full report: "Risk & Opportunity - Best Practice in Non-Financial Reporting"

Author: SustainAbility, UNEP, Standard & Poor's

[Top 50 companies (highest scoring first): Co-operative Financial Services (part of Co-operative Group), Novo Nordisk, BP, British American Tobacco, BT Group, British Airports Authority (BAA), Rabobank, Rio Tinto, Shell, HP, Unilever, Anglo American,...

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3 April 2002

World summit firm gets more donors, needs more cash

Author: Reuters

Organisers of a world development summit to be held in Johannesburg later this year said yesterday it had secured more money from local firms but still lacked a third of funds needed to meet its budget...State-owned firms Eskom, the South African Post...

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