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Multinational Corporations And Poverty Eradication – Analysis

Author: Nattavud Pimpa, Eurasia Review , Published on: 25 August 2011

[T]here is a universal view among anti-globalisation groups that MNCs [multinational corporations] are narrow-minded with their CSR [corporate social responsibility] ideas...A notable omission in the CSR debate is the role of MNCs in contributing to global poverty...There is...a tendency to view poverty as a local (and regional) problem...[D]ue to lack of creativity and understanding of the issues, most...MNCs fail to deliver the long-term prospect to eliminate poverty in the host countries...[A] story that confirms my argument was a story from Siemens...Although they do not perceive poverty as a direct threat, they have been working on this issue indirectly. They do not give money and run away. Most of their CSR activities focus on long-term education development...All ‘decent’ MNCs must look carefully at how their organisations are engaged, consider what more they can do to eradicate poverty, and act. [also refers to Akara Mining]

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