Multinational corporations in China blacklisted for pollution

Author: People's Daily [China], Published on: 1 November 2006

A pollution blacklist has been issued by the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs , a Chinese NGO. The list includes 33 multinational corporations in China, five of which are Fortune 500 companies, including a subsidiary of Panasonic [which is part of Matushita], Changchun Pepsico [part of PepsiCo], and Nestle Sources Shanghai [part of Nestle]... Some very well-known companies have been blacklisted for pollution, such as Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai [part of Kao Corporation], a joint-venture enterprise of American Standard Companies and Shanghai Pizza Hut belonging to Yum! Fujian, a company invested on by Germany's NOELL Group [Noell Cranes Systems (China), a joint venture of Preussag-Noell Wassertechnik & China Merchants] Hunan, an enterprise belonging to Yamaha [Motor]...The blacklist is based solely on water pollution; it does not take into account air or solid waste pollution...A spokesperson from...Panasonic said that the pollution was coincidental and that excessive organic matter in the water was temporary...American Standard Companies admitted that negligence was the cause of pollution. An engineer from the company said that waste water was discharged because the pipes had been broken by cold overnight weather...Kao Chemical Corporation Shanghai explained that the pollution was caused by an unexpected accident...Nestle Sources Shanghai claims not to have...breached pollution regulations...Some environmentalists are worried [that] the State Environmental Protection Administration tends to pay less attention to multinational corporations than to China's domestic enterprises.

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