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Murder of a union member- a complaint against Nestlé

Author: Basler Zeitung [Switzerland], Published on: 6 March 2012

[Unofficial translation from the German original by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre] [H]uman rights advocates accuse the food group of being complicit in the violent death of a trade unionist in Colombia. A Berlin-based legal group has filed a criminal complaint with the Prosecutor against...Nestlé...and several of its managers...They are accused of being responsible for the murder of a Colombian trade unionist. The move to hold Nestlé accountable comes approximately six and a half years after the murder of trade unionist Luciano Romero by paramilitaries in Valledupar, northeastern Colombia...In the complaint the suspects are accused of having caused the death of the trade unionist by failing to take protective steps...Nestle denies all allegations in connection with the murder of Romero and will "vigorously defend its self," the company said. SINALTRAINAL and ECCHR have no evidence to support the allegations.

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