Myanmar: CNPC allegedly forcibly confiscated land from Myaday Island villagers

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16 February 2015

"Save Myaday Island" [video]

Author: Arakan Oil Watch & Natural Resources for People

20th December 2014

[Summary of the video: On 20th December 2014, Natural Resources for People (NRFP) presented a video accusing CNPC of forcibly confiscating locals' farmland on Myaday Island in West Myanmar without adequately compensating for their loss. The video raises concerns that CNPC's infrastructures would fail to benefit the local community because of the eventual export of oil and raw extracts.  In addition, the video quotes local protest leaders that policemen on the Island were no longer protecting villagers’ rights due to bribes by CNPC.] Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited CNPC to respond to the allegations - it has not yet responded.

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