Myanmar: Karen army leader links current fighting to govt effort to “clamp down” on opposition against development projects, including Salween dam

Author: Karen News, Published on: 27 October 2014

“Karen Army Leader Links Current Fighting To Burma Government’s Mega Development Projects”, 24 October 2014

General Ner Dah Bo Mya, the head of the Karen National Defence Organisation told Karen News that armed conflict this month in Burma is linked to plans to build hydropower dams on the Salween River.…[He] said that fighting between the government’s militia, the Border guard Force and the Democratic Karen Benevolent Army (DKBA) has sent warning signals to the Karen armed groups that the government is planning to reinforce it military in the region…General Ner Dah said that his organization is aware that the government intends to clamp down on any opposition to its plans to build ‘development projects’ in Karen State…[He] pointed out that most Karen people were opposed to the construction of the dams, as they would not benefit…[and] pointed out the government’s main focus was more on getting its hands on Karen resources and land than engaging with ethnic people in a genuine political dialogue…

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