Myanmar: Villagers protesting gold mine say army threatened them

Author: Karen News (Myanmar), Published on: 30 April 2015

"Villagers protesting gold mine ‘warned by army officer’", 29 Apr 2015

A gold mining site. Photo: MizzimaPhoto credit: Mizzima

Villagers from Ka Htaung Li village in Dawei Township who protested against a gold mining operation that polluted their water sources alleged that they were harassed, punished and warned not to do it again by a Myanmar Army officer...Villagers alleged the officer based at Htee Hta in Dawei Township gave permission to businessmen to run a gold mine operation that caused the pollution problems...One of the villagers who talked to Karen News said the villagers were summoned to the army base where they were threatened by the army officer...[T]hree local businessmen have operated the gold mining at Maw Ma Htoo stream since March...Villagers said that the mining had caused changes to the waterways and polluted the stream water that the villagers depend on for their water sources.

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