Myanmar: Wage committee sets workers’ daily salary at K4800 while unions say k5600-6600 more reasonable due to high cost of living

Author: Zaw Zaw Htwe, Myanmar Times, Published on: 2 January 2018

"National wage panel approves K4800 minimum wage", 03 January 2018

The National Committee for Minimum Wage…decided to set the basic daily salary of workers at K4800 or K600 per hour.

The ongoing minimum wage is K3600, set in September 2012, but workers have been asking for a daily rate of K5600-6600.

…Confederation of Trade Unions of Myanmar member, argued that K5600-6600 was a more reasonable figure as workers struggle with high cost of living….

 “…We (workers) are asking for increase in wages since we are starving….” said U Ye Naing Win, secretary of Cooperating Committee of Trade Unions….

The government and employer…should research whether the proposed K4800 is sufficient to cover the daily living cost of workers and their families, he added.

He also said the government and employers should put in place welfare plans for the workers if they are unable to offers salaries more than K4800.

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