Myanmar: Workers protest against PTTEP over wages, discrimination - company responds


Since the beginning of February 2015, workers operating on an oil and gas drilling platform operated by PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP) off the coast of Myanmar have been protesting over wages and working conditions, and failed to reach an agreement with the Thai company. They also alleged that the company is discriminating against Myanmar workers and that it is failing to obey rules related to environmental conservation. We invited PTTEP to respond and the company did so.

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3 April 2015

Myanmar workers on Thai PTTEP oil & gas platform fail to reach agreement over wages, conditions

Author: Htet Htet Aung, Mizzima News (Myanmar)

"Dispute drags on between Myanmar oil workers and PTTEP", 6 Feb. 2015

Myanmar workers operating on a Thai PTT Exploration and Production oil and gas drilling platform off the coast of Myanmar have so far failed to come to an agreement with the company over a dispute over wages and conditions...The Zawtika Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Workers Association, representing the Myanmar workers, held five hours of negotiations with company representatives...but failed to reach an agreement...The Zawtika Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Workers Association said...: “The company discriminated unfairly against Myanmar workers by denying their rights including the rights related to their wages, holidays and overtime pay. Moreover, the company made one-sided contracts with Myanmar workers, and repeatedly violated its pledges on wage increases. Although the Myanmar workers repeatedly demanded their rights, the company did not make any response.”

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3 April 2015

Myanmar workers protest over alleged discrimination by PTTEP

Author: Mizzima News (Myanmar)

"Myanmar workers set to protest against Thai oil company – Htet Htet Aung", 26 Feb. 2015 

Myanmar workers are preparing to protest over alleged discrimination by Thailand’s PTT Exploration and Production Company, according to the Zawtika Offshore Myanmar Organization... Myanmar workers in the Zawtika offshore project have alleged that PTTEP has discriminated unfairly against them by denying their rights including failure to provide wages on a par with Thai workers, and efforts to negotiate have resulted in little progress. ZOMO said...that the company failed to obey the rules related to environmental conservation, and violated the workers’ rights including the rights related to wages.


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Company response
3 April 2015

PTTEP response

...We and our parent company - PTT Exploration and Production Public...(PTTEP) strictly follow the appropriate international standards in Environmental, Health and Safety Management and apply the same standards to every country that we operate in. With particular regard to the exploration and production activities in the Zawtika gas field, PTTEPI fully comply the terms and conditions stated in the Production Sharing Contract that we have with the Myanmar Government and our other production partners, includes all relevant Myanmar laws and regulations and is in compliance with international practices and standards...PTTEPI confirms that the Company treats all employees worldwide fairly and equally regardless of their nationalities. Our parent company (PTTEP) has been an active participant in the UN Global Compact since June, 2011. This means that the Company and all of its subsidiaries are committed to 10 principles relating to four core areas: human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption; this strategy is in further compliance with our good Corporate Governance Policy and Code of Business Conduct. Basic salary for every country is differentiated by a countries’ gross domestic product (GDP), cost of living and inflation rates; these are common methodologies used in international. Additionally, the factors such as duties performed, employee performance, experience, competency and additional assignments also considered. PTTEPI is committed to improving its environmental performance to be among the highest in the exploration and production industry in order to minimize the Company impact on the environment. The Company respects the rights of our employees by pursuing good corporate governance business ethics, and compliance with the labor laws of the countries in which it operates.  

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