Namibia: Rössing contract workers petition the company over alleged exploitation, rights abuses

Author: Adam Hartman, Namibian, Published on: 8 October 2015

'Rössing contract workers feel exploited and abused', 9 Oct 2015: [Workers at] Rössing Uranium [part of Rio Tinto] [in a petition to management stated that they]...are “being exploited for cheap labour”, alleging that one permanent employee's salary was equal to the salary of seven contract workers...[They said] even though “they do the same work...[they] are paid and treated differently”...[and]...forced to work longer hours and if they complain their “job security is threatened”...[Workers said they] do not get medical aid, housing allowance and social security in many instances, and are “dumped” at home when they get injured on site and...replaced by someone else. The petition was handed over to Rössing's general manager for operations, Martin Tjipita, and [the company's] chief financial officer...who...acknowledged receipt of the petition and [said] that they will respond to it in due course.

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