Naval Group's response

Author: Naval Group, Published on: 29 January 2019

We are not indifferent to the situation of the employees of our partner Alexandra Shipyards. Naval Group has a strong ethics and compliance policy which is applied rigourously in all its international subsidiaries. The Egyptian yard is not a subcontractor of Naval Group. The Egyptian Ministry of Defence has awarded a direct contract to the Alexandria shipyard in Egypt. Alexandria Shipyard (ASY) is a public shipyard whose staff are managed in accordance with Egyptian law. We have no contractual relationship allowing us to intervene in matters related to its workforce. We do not interfere in internal affairs. Naval Group's teams (15 to 25 employees) ensure the transfer of technology. Naval Group's goal in Egypt is to develop excellent technical skills in order to create an autonomous capacity for the construction and maintenance of ships in the long term. Naval Group's action is in line with the strict framework of French regulations on the sale of weapons for the export market. No sale of naval systems is carried out without prior authorization issued by an interministerial commission placed under the Prime Minister and chaired by the Secretary General of Defence and National Security (Interministerial Commission for the Study of Exports of War Materials (CIEEMG)). Naval Group scrupulously complies with the provisions of international treaties and local laws in force in which the company operates with the highest level of compliance.

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