Nepal: Covid-19 outbreak adversely hits migrant workers as govt. places a temporary halt to overseas employment

Author: Roshan S Nepal, The Himalayan Times, Published on: 2 March 2020

"Nepalis urged to scrap foreign visits", 3 March 2020

...As far as migrant workers are concerned...the government had requested the South Korean government to temporarily halt hiring Nepali nationals through the EPS system. The government has also urged Nepalis not to travel to the Middle East countries to work till further notice.

Yesterday, 38 Nepali migrant workers travelling to Bahrain via Dubai were deported. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Nepalis were deported as they had come from a country designated as one of the most vulnerable countries to COVD-19 outbreak by the World Health Organisation.

The government has urged its missions abroad, especially in the Middle East countries where there are millions of Nepalis, to stay alert for rescue, evacuation or assistance in the case of an outbreak.

...Stating that the COVID-19 outbreak had already hit tourism, remittance and mega projects, Gyawali said there was a need for Nepal to be prepared
for any untoward situation, such as obstruction in supply chain.


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