Nepal: Factories flouting labour law

Author: Himalayan News Service, Nepal, Published on: 6 November 2018

"Factories flouting labour law", 2 November, 2018

Factories based in Biratnagar have been found violating the labour law.

The government had fixed minimum salary for workers in all sectors at Rs 13,450 per month…During an inspection carried out by a team led by Biratnagar-based Labour Office… Dugad Spices and Food Pvt was found violating the government directive. Not even a single other factory inspected was found paying its workers the minimum salary fixed by the government.

Industries such as Aarti Strips Pvt Ltd, Quality Noodles Pvt Ltd, Dugad Spices and Foods and Tricot Industries were monitored on Wednesday [October 31]…

As for Aarti Strips, it was found to be employing majority of workers from India. The practice is against the law, considering Clause 22 of the Labour Act that entails prior permission from the government before employing foreign nationals…

Meanwhile, Moti Dugad, the operator of Dugad Spices and Food Pvt, denied paying workers lower than the salary fixed by the government.

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