Nepal: Govt to begin mandatory pre-departure safety trainings for workers in effort to reduce migrant deaths

Author: Gopal Sharma, Thomson Reuters, Published on: 10 February 2020

"Nepal seeks to cut migrant deaths with safety training", 11 February 2020

In a bid to reduce migrant deaths in the Middle East and Asia, millions of Nepalis who work overseas will be given mandatory safety training before departure, officials said...

About 1,000 out of an estimated 4 million Nepali migrants die abroad each year, mainly in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Malaysia where most work as domestics and in construction. Migrant remittances makes up a quarter of impoverished Nepal's GDP.

...Each day, about three coffins containing the remains of dead migrants arrive at the "dead body claim" area in Nepal's only international airport in its capital Kathmandu, according to airport officials.

The Supreme Court said in 2017 that 97% of deaths occurred in the Gulf and Malaysia and asked the government, which encourages young Nepalis to work overseas, to probe their causes and improve protection for workers.

...Stressed migrants - who are often illiterate and from remote villages in Nepal - also die from exhaustion, as they struggle to repay loans to unscrupulous recruitment agencies, and from drinking home-made liquor, activists say...

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