Nepali migrant workers in MENA report lax safety measures causing serious workplace injuries, 21 Nepalis currently in comas

Author: Himalayan Times (Nepal), Published on: 19 February 2020

"21 Nepali workers lying in coma abroad," 19 Feb 2020

21 Nepalis are lying in coma and undergoing treatment in hospitals abroad...

the highest in Qatar (11), followed by five in Saudi Arabia, three in Kuwait and one each in United Arab Emeritus and South Korea...

Owing to lack of proper safety measures at the workplace in the destination countries, a large number of Nepali migrant workers suffer serious injuries while working under challenging conditions.

“Workplace accidents and work-related diseases are quite common among migrant workers,” Shrestha admitted... 477 Nepali migrant workers died due to accidents at workplaces and roads or succumbed to diseases last year.

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