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Nestlé's decision to drop Fairtrade from KitKat chocolate bars risks livelihoods of African, Caribbean & Pacific sugar cane farmers, says report

Author: Flora Southey, Food Navigator , Published on: 29 June 2020

"Nestlé's KitKat drops Fairtrade amid criticism that thousands of small-scale cocoa farmers are being put at risk", 24 June 2020

[F]rom October 2020, [Nestlé] will move its cocoa and sugar sourcing accreditation for KitKats from Fairtrade to the Rainforest Alliance. The switch marks the end of a decade-long sourcing partnership for Nestlé and Fairtrade and the latter fears the decision could have devastating consequences...

The move will mean a loss of almost $2m (£1.95m) in Fairtrade Premium each year for co-operatives in Côte d'Ivoire, Fiji and Malawi, representing 27, 000 small scale producers...This income is a real lifeline for some of the world's poorest farmers"

Concerning sugar, Nestlé's decision means that all future purchases of sugar will be from European sugar beet producers, explained the [Fairtrade] Foundation, meaning that cane sugar farmers will also lose the Fairtrade Premium. Beyond that, they also risk losing access to marker their sugar..."[a] non-Fairtrade relationship means regression and continued poverty".

 ...Nestlé said it is sourcing "almost all" of its...sugar from UK sugar producers..., in line with its "continued focus on increasing local agricultural sourcing where possible".  The giant [says it] is "very conscious that sugar producers, particularly in [Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific]..."face an uncertain future...and this is why we have provided an additional transitional support fund

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