Netherlands: Court rules Deliveroo must pay pension premium for employees

Author: Staffing Industry Analysis, Published on: 29 August 2019

"Netherlands - Deliveroo must pay pension premium for riders with employment contracts, judge says", 28 August 2019

...Deliveroo must pay a pension premium for all its employees in the Netherlands with an employment contract a sub-district court judge...has determined...According to the pension fund, Deliveroo meets all the conditions for being obliged to participate in the fund as the company delivers transport goods (meals) by road for a fee and these activities form the core of the company. 

Deliveroo stated that it does not agree with this. According to the company, the core activity would not be the delivery of meals, but the provision of an online platform for restaurants. Delivery would only be part of the marketing strategy. In their own words, Deliveroo is not a delivery service, but a technology company, which means that affiliation with the Transport Pension Fund would not be appropriate.

 However, the sub-district court did not agree with...It stated that Deliveroo’s activities... are all focused on...the delivery of meals. Deliveroo's revenue model is also based entirely on delivery...

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