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7 May 2020

Commentary: Canadian Nevsun ruling has big implications for human rights cases

Author: Alisha Hiyate, Canadian Mining Journal (Canada)

"Legal contents: What the Nevsun human rights case means for other Canadian miners", 6 May 2020...

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4 May 2020
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Author: Francisco Javier Zamora Cabot y María Chiara Marullo, UJI de Castellón

"Empresas multinacionales y DD.HH.: ¿Hacia el fin de la impunidad? Apuntes a la decisión del Tribunal Supremo canadiense en Nevsun Resources Ltd. v. Araya?", abril de 2020...

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1 May 2020

Commentary: Canadian Court ruling opens the way for lawsuits against companies for human rights abuses committed abroad

Author: Bennett Jones, on Mondaq

"Canada: Canadian Companies May Now Be Sued In Canada For Alleged Human Rights Abuses Abroad, Rules Supreme Court Of Canada", 27 Apr 2020...

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15 April 2020

Commentary: Canadian Supreme Court's Nevsun ruling coincides with other intl. developments to address corporate legal accountability of multinationals for human rights abuses

Author: Pushkar Anand, The Wire (India)

"Canadian Companies Can Now Face Litigation for Human Rights Abuses Abroad", 10 April 2020...

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13 April 2020

Eritrean victims of alleged forced labour by Nevsun Resources say Canadian court ruling allowing them proceed with lawsuit gives hope for justice after a long wait

Author: Jaclynn Ashly, New Frame (South Africa)

"Eritreans hopeful after ‘historic’ Canadian ruling"...

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19 March 2020

Nevsun puts Canada’s Corporate Decision Makers in the Human Rights Zone

Author: Malcolm Rogge, Research Fellow, Corporate Responsibility Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School

This short essay on the corporate human rights zone makes an important theoretical contribution to the field of business and human rights. Rogge argues that the Supreme Court of Canada’s Nevsun decision (Nevsun Resources Ltd. v. Araya, 2020 SCC 5)puts...

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17 March 2020

Analysis of impact of recent legal decisions for corporate accountability in the Americas

Author: Nicolàs Carrillo-Santarelli

"Crossing the Rubicon: Major Developments on the Human Rights Obligations of Corporations" 12 March 2020...

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13 March 2020
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Author: Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel, Sputnik News

"Travail forcé en Érythrée: «Les minières étrangères savent que les États africains sont dépendants»", 9 mars 2020...

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12 March 2020

Canadian Supreme Court Allows Corporate Liability for International Law Violations

Author: Preston Lim, LawFare

On Feb. 28, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a landmark judgment in the case of Nevsun Resources Ltd. v. Araya. This case raised a largely unexplored question in Canadian law: whether plaintiffs can bring civil claims in Canada for human rights...

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5 March 2020

Canadian Firm Can Be Sued for Alleged Eritrea Abuses

Author: Laetitia Bader, Human Rights Watch

Canada’s Supreme Court has just ruled that a Canadian mining company which had operations in Eritrea can be sued in Canada for alleged abuses abroad. The ruling, made last Friday, sets a groundbreaking precedent....

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