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Nevsun Resources faces lawsuit over ‘forced labour’ in Eritrea

Author: Jeff Gray, Globe and Mail (Canada), Published on: 19 November 2014

Nevsun…is facing a lawsuit in Canada alleging the company was complicit in the use of forced labour by local contractors owned by the African country’s ruling party and military….Nevsun…has previously faced human-rights abuse allegations in a Human Rights Watch report…that criticized the company for failing to stop the use of forced labour at the [Bisha] mine…[In the] lawsuit…[the] three Eritrean refugees allege they were forced to work on the…mine against their will and subjected to long hours, intense heat and threats of torture, with pay of…$30 (U.S.) a month…Nevsun…[said]...last year that it regretted the use of any forced labour at its mine and that it no longer permitted the use of conscripted labour there...The company did not respond to requests for comment on Thursday…At least one worker at the mine, the claim says, died of “heat exhaustion and dehydration”…[Also refers to Segen Construction]

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