New business initiative launched to advance gender equality; Coca-cola & Walmart among the cos to have joined

Author: Lee Mannion, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Published on: 1 December 2017

"Coca Cola, Walmart among global firms joining forces for women's equality", 30 Nov 2017

Britain's Oxford University has teamed up with nine of the world's biggest companies, including Walmart and Coca-Cola, to increase women's financial clout by sharing success stories... "These companies are far more than the people they employ or their supply chains. They are huge global systems that include everything from production to transportation, they go from farms to laboratories, from offices to factories. "If we don't learn to work within those systems, we have really missed a bet on making the best use of our resources in solving an important global problem," she [Linda Scott, of Oxford University's Said Business School] said... Investment bank Goldman Sachs, food giant Mondeléz International, auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers, retailer Marks & Spencer and the ExxonMobil Foundation also joined the coalition. Their flagship initiatives include bringing women-owned businesses into their supply chains, boosting their access to finance and technology and improving female farmers' yields.

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