New data show high mercury in Flin Flon-area lakes [Canada]

Author: Jen Skerritt, Winnipeg Free Press [Canada], Published on: 5 January 2009

New data that reveal once-pristine fishing holes near Flin Flon's toxic smelter are contaminated with high levels of mercury have outraged at least one critic who says health is sacrificed to keep the town's main employer in business... The water samples were taken as part of an ongoing human health risk assessment...that will determine whether pollutants from the Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Co. [part of HudBay Minerals] copper smelter have an impact on residents' health... Elliot Sigal...of Intrinsik Environmental Sciences, the company HudBay hired to do the health risk assessment, said mercury occurs naturally in the environment and there was no indication the levels found in the lakes are related to the smelter.

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