New JASS report highlights alleged company interference in work of women Human Rights Defenders in Mesoamerica

Author: Just Associates , Published on: 7 August 2017

 "New Just Associates (JASS) report highlights lessons from women Human Rights Defenders in Mesoamerica", August 2017

JASS (Just Associates) as an organization that works with women activists to strengthen their capacity to organize safely and powerfully...[F]our key threads have surfaced as central to both the analysis and recommendations contained within this document: power matters...women and gender matter...narratives matter...[and] local organizing and movements matter...Through their integration and complicity with the state, private interests have influence over security policies and support an expanded role of the police and armed forces in stifling dissent, particularly helpful when private initiatives (such as mega projects, natural resource extraction, etc.) meet with community opposition... The recommendations...1.Recognize that safe space and community power analysis are vital to protection...2.Map the convergences between power, violence, and private interests... 3.Strengthen and support women’s leadership and feminist approaches in protection... 4.Support and learn from community-centered approaches to protection... 5.Strengthen organizations, networks, and movements...6.Change the narrative to generate support and hope... The best to make our movements stronger, more powerful, and more adept at confronting violence. This challenge requires all of us, no matter our issues, to come together — at community level, across geographic borders, in support of organized movements. 

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