New labor movement afoot in China - Activists employing shame in effort to bring about change

Author: Craig Simons, Austin American-Statesman [USA], Published on: 4 February 2007

...[Labour] activists are adopting a strategy of publicizing conditions at globally recognized companies including Foxconn, which supplies dozens of international brands such as Apple... The goal is to pressure management to improve conditions. A spokesman for Foxconn [part of Hon Hai]...was not available to comment on this story... Last month, China Labor Watch...issued a report that said several Chinese suppliers to Wal-Mart...routinely fail to pay wages and provide health insurance as required by Chinese law. The survey...found that some pay as little as half the minimum daily wage, provide no health insurance or require mandatory overtime... The report prompted Wal-Mart to investigate the factories, and auditors found instances of underage workers and violations of overtime laws, although not all of the companies mentioned in the report were "direct Wal-Mart suppliers," said Jonathan Dong, a Wal-Mart spokesman... In June, London's Mail on Sunday newspaper ran a story documenting forced overtime and the use of corporal part of the factory that builds iPods for Apple... Apple responded quickly, sending inspectors to interview workers and study records. [also refers to Dell, Walt Disney, Bratz (part of MCA Entertainment)]

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