New report shows advances by 10 companies to tackle climate change post-COP21

Author: Doug Morrow, Madere Olivar, and Hendrik Garz, Sustainalytics, Published on: 12 February 2016

"10 for 2016 | Paris Agreement: Triumph of the Optimists", Feb 2016

The…report…provides a top-down assessment of the COP21 Summit agreement and a bottom-up analysis of ten companies making headway on addressing climate change. Our research finds the COP21 agreement and country emission reduction initiatives will serve as a positive economic signal for low carbon technologies, including renewable generation, energy efficiency applications and energy storage. We also anticipate greater interaction between investors and governments, partly due to the shifting responsibilities of a universal owner and the growing recognition of climate change as a systemic risk…The range of companies included showcase diverse approaches to tackling climate change…

Key Findings

Macro picture – an ambitious but incomplete solution

  • Current INDC targets are forecasted to limit the increase in global temperatures to 2.7° C… countries’ future pledges must be progressively ambitious…
  • Emerging discourse about climate change as a systemic risk may trigger more collaboration among institutional investors and UNFCCC parties.

Micro picture – companies taking unique steps…

[Also refers to Allianz, Borregaard, Cisco, General Electric, Kellogg, LG Chem, L’Oreal, Origin Energy, RWE, and Tesla.]

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