New report uncovers wage theft of migrants from Myanmar working in Thai apparel industry

Author: Clean Clothes Campaign and MAP Foundation, Published on: 29 December 2014


…Clean Clothes Campaign and MAP Foundation launched an in-depth study into the working conditions of migrants from Myanmar (Burma) working in the Thai apparel industry. The new report documents how workers are not only denied the right to collective bargaining and minimum social security; it also shows they are denied the legal minimum wage which is tantamount to wage theft…Workers are also commonly required to work overtime. On average, migrants work almost 11 hours a day, and sometimes between 12-16 hours during peak periods or deadlines. Yet, they only receive on average approximately 16 THB (0.40 EUR) per hour or less, when legally they should be receiving 56 THB (1.42 EUR) per hour for overtime…By focusing production in border towns, such as Mae Sot, the garment industry aims to reduce production costs by hiring migrant workers, who are seen as desperate and therefore easily exploited…Contributing to the environment of exploitation is the fact that a large proportion of factories in Mae Sot are sub-subcontractors for factories in central Thailand…

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