New research claims that Microsoft’s Bing censors heavily within China, even more so than Baidu

Author: Kaylene Hong, The Next Web, Published on: 19 March 2014

Chinese Web monitoring service GreatFire is…claiming that [Microsoft’s Bing] censors heavily within [China], even more so than domestic search engine Baidu…The organization…examined Bing’s search engine results page for over 30,000 sensitive and non-sensitive query terms…[I]t says the Chinese version of Bing has a list of 139 forbidden terms which it doesn’t display any results for, a blacklist of 329 websites that it never shows to China users, as well as a “huge” blacklist of URLs exceeding more than 1,500…A Microsoft spokesperson has responded…Generally, it is Bing’s policy is to remove results as narrowly as possible to comply with Chinese law. Bing regularly reviews removed results and our related processes to ensure that prior removals due to legal compliance are still valid. We will actively resolve any issues we identify that do not comply with our policies…We appreciate work done by Greatfire, Xia, and others. Such feedback enables us to review and validate our own processes. We commit to addressing these issues…

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