New Taipei reports on job discrimination [Taiwan]

Author: China Post [Taiwan], Published on: 26 July 2011

New Taipei City received 51 complaints of employment discrimination in the first half of the year, according to the city's Labor Affairs Department (LAD) statistics. The court, however, only found eight to be valid employment discrimination cases and meted out a total of NT$1,366,668 in fines. Based on LAD data, 13 of the 51 appeals were complaints of harassment at the workplace. Following close behind were the 12 appeals of pregnancy discrimination. From a gender point of view, more women complained of discrimination by employers or job recruiters, filing 37 appeals...Sexism and ageism ranked high in these discriminating ads, appearing in 384 and 114 ads respectively, said the LAD. Twelve cases pertained to both sexism and ageism, and one case hinted at disability discrimination.

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