New Zealand: Conscious consumerism is still not mainstream despite risks of labour exploitation & pollution

Author: Aimee Shaw, NZ Herald, Published on: 16 September 2018

"Kiwis' 'fast fashion' shopping habits not budging fast enough", 11 September 2018

...Tearfund education and advocacy manager Claire Hart said conscious consumerism was still confined to a niche market in New Zealand... Mainstream changes to how consumers shop would likely follow legislative backing from the Government... [According to Hart]... most Kiwis still favoured convenience over the ethical option.

Rose Hope... a co-founder of [an] Auckland boutique...said...New Zealand is at least two years behind Australia with its conscious consumer movement... [but she has seen a shift.] Government officials and business leaders met in Auckland earlier this year to identify how they can collaborate to fight modern-day slavery and human trafficking, but it has not committed to introduce modern slavery legislation.

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